July 11, 2024

Plant Based Foods Aren’t Just for Vegans!

Growing at a rate of 20% over the last year, plant based food sales appear to be expanding beyond the vegan domain.

The surge in demand for plant based products is now being seen as an acceptable healthy choice for non-vegans. With just 6% of American population calling themselves vegan, it is increasingly clear that the robust plant based product growth has a broader market share than previously thought.

This mainstream migration into plant based foods is a welcome indicator for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. The US population seems to be gravitating toward more healthy choices in food and a lessening of impact on our environment.

Administrator and contributor to Vegans of the Heights, Candace Lane, points out, “Beyond Meat is a great example of this ‘cross over’ product. Widely accepted by Vegans and Vegetarians”, she continues, “The flavor and texture for this meat alternative is so close to actual meat, that it is being ordered by meat eating non-vegans as their ‘healthy choice’ over traditional hamburger”.

See a Beyond Meat Burger Recipe that will help you decide…

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